As per a forum in TripAdvisor, the Philippine National Police has released the following safety tips to prevent the public from falling prey to taxi scams or worse, cabbies who act in cahoots with robbers particularly in Metro Manila.

PNP chief, Director General Nicanor A. Bartolome said the safety tips are part of the PNP’s “Be informed, plan ahead and be safe” program.

The following precautions must be observed:

  1. Do not enter a taxi if there is anyone other than the driver inside. Once inside a taxi, check if the doors can be locked from the inside, otherwise you’re vulnerable when the taxi stops in traffic.
  2. Ride the backseat or check the backseat to make sure that no one is hiding on the floor, between the seats.
  3. Ensure that the doors can be opened from the inside and its inside door handlers are functional.
  4. Request the driver that the meter be used.
  5. Take a mental note of the license plate number.
  6. Once inside the taxi, conspicuously text the number of the taxi to someone or at least pretend to do so. Text back your contact when you have arrived safely.7. If the driver is unwilling to comply with your requests, wait for another cab.

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